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Everybody's bios sound the same.. lets make it original;))
Feel-Good Island Soul.. Let your hair down and your worries drift away. The Holy City Hooligans combine sweet melodies with old soul lyrics and fun and edgy energy of funky rock-reggae groves to deliver a soul quenching experience. If music has the power to create feelings.. why not create positivity! With their recent co-write of "3AM" on Meghan Trainor's record breaking debut album (BILLBOARD #1).. these happy hooligans are revving up their engines and poised to explode!
 Kick your feet up and and fall into the inspiring melodies and funky swagger of this powerhouse project. Everybody claims originality, but this crew actually accidentally birthed a rare style of their own… while of course keeping the pop sensibilities in their songwriting to be able to easily connect with other hooligans from all walks of life. They pride themselves on creating "music with creative familiarity that's packed full of addictive grooves and positive message." Simple yet refreshing. Band leader Ben Fagan is anything but your average guy next door. You've never seen a white boy with this much vibrant soul and his ability to freestyle potent lyrics on the spot and bounce around stage from guitar, keys, bass, drums, and percussion allows him to create orchestras of funtastic music right before your eyes;) On top of being an award winning vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (VOTED CHARLESTON'S BEST VOCALIST, BEST MALE MUSICIAN, & BEST BAND) Fagan has also had a life long "lucky streak" that consists of: serial entrepreneur, reality tv show winner, phi beta kappa business scholar, black belt in Kung Fu at the age of 11.. and recent co-writer of the world-wide hit "3AM" recently released on MEGHAN TRAINOR'S record breaking debut album. The awesome achievements rapidly keep piling up and I think it's become obvious that his lucky streak is hardly luck at all. It'd be safe to say he's a natural overachiever even on his worst day.
His musical brother and partner in crime, Quentin Ravenel, is hands down one of the most interesting and dynamic drummer/vocalists in the south east. Raised in the church music scene from when he was in diapers, he now effortlessly captivates crowds like you've never seen from a drummer (outside of Carter Beauford of Dave Mathews Band). His infectious energy is undeniable and this rhythmic monster can literally change the way you look at how drums are played. From flipping sticks to blindfolded theatrics and drum solos that would make Speedy Gonzalez's head spin… there's only 1 way to sum it up… impressive!
Collectively their stage energy is non-stop hypeness paired with an air of veteran comfort and control of their environment. Never forced.. never dull, the Hooligans approach their live shows with fresh flavors of theatrics to separate it from the everyday live show. The cohesive blend of energy is a unique cocktail of "island meets urban" and their vastly different backgrounds allows for a naturally occurring refreshing mix of influences not yet introduced to the mainstream. Their songs can lift you up or take you deep into your own heart, striking chords of universal themes and struggles that transcend the usual over-obvious love song. Whatever the mood, poignant lyrics and visceral melodies wiggle under your skin to reach body and soul.
Fagan has always had a knack for rhythmic wordplay. Freshman year, he spit enough fiery freestyles to win the MTV Campus Invasion Freestyle Contest…Senior year, with Phi Beta Kappa locked down and fronting his rock band on school nights and touring the college circuit on the weekends, Fagan made his mark on the college scene and moved on to expand his hustle to national/international touring and songwriting.

Ever-evolving and committed to keep it fresh, Fagan launched his Holy City Hooligans project in 2010. Much in the style of Sublime and OAR, their sound mixes a blend of genres ranging from hip pop to funky rock-reggae. The Hooligans have released 2 full length albums, "The Freestyle Sessions 1&2." The lead tracks on both of the releases ("We Will Remain & FlyHi") have enjoyed heavy rotation on Charleston radio.

These days, Fagan and his Hooligans split their time gigging on both East and West coasts and touring Costa Rica, along with songwriting for publishing mostly out of Nashville and LA. Rapidly growing crowds of new and existing fans are shakin' to the funky chops, swayin' to the soulful grooves, and bouncin' to the hip-hop beats. Street-smart and irrepressible, the Hooligans are charming followers from the southeast roots, to the L.A. beaches all the way to Costa Rica, with no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Most musicians make music to listen to… these happy hooligans make music to live by!
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